Friday, July 21, 2017

Chis Make Great Pets. Cheese, Not So Much.

We get a lot of chihuahuas and mixes. So many that they even have their own verbal shorthand: chis. Chi generally means anything small, usually tan and having some traits in common with a chihuahua, which constitute the majority of their lineage. As a group, chis and chi mixes dominate shelter populations in California. So we talk about them a lot. A lot a lot. Which can lead to some confusion when we talk about having a passel of chis:

Adorable little fun happy muffins.
And people think we mean a passel of cheese.

Inanimate cracker ornament. 
The sad thing is due to silly misinformation and prejudice about chis, a lot of people are about as likely to adopt cheese as a pet....

The cat, like most of the readers, is amazed at the ridiculousness of this stunt.
As they are to adopt one of our adorable, bright, silly little chis. Like Baby.

If you're not going to eat that cheese, here I am. I'm just sayin'...
Which is just ridiculous. Let's have a chat about the differences between cheese and chis and the misinformation that's out there about our poor maligned little petite pooch pals.

Chis: Cuddly, snuggly and perfectly lap sized. 

Cheese: Oily, cold, unaffectionate and prone to melting.

Poor companionship. Seriously. 
Chihuahuas and mixes come in as many varieties as, well, cheese. But one thing about most of them? They all love them some snuggle time. Even our most playful, bouncy chis still enjoy a good Netflix cuddle and sleeping under the covers with you. Cheese? Lame. And it melts. 

Chis: Great walking buddies who enjoy a chance to sniff the flowers. 

I'm such a better pet that I'll eat the competition. 
Cheese: Prone to attracting ants. Needs to be dragged, creating scrapes that attract even more ants and possibly hungry raccoons. Melts on hot days. 

Marketing Director Sandy really went all-in to help us make this point. 
Chihuahuas are smart, curious little nuggets who love to know what's going on around them. They're a little nosy and pretty social, like people. While most of them generally don't need a marathon run (thank goodness!) they do enjoy taking a stroll to check out the scene. They'll give you a great excuse to get some exercise and see what the neighbors are up to. 

Chis: Funny, playful and smart. Love to learn tricks. 

When I'm done here I'll start working on your taxes. 
Cheese: It's...cheese. 

We need to know what Sandy's neighbors were thinking when she was doing these photos for us. 
We're pretty sure everyone knows who is going to win the fetch contest here. Hint: it's not wearing a wrapper. Meanwhile our chis are slaying in their obedience classes, playing fetch like machines and (like HSSV alum Lady Marmalade above) having a blast on the agility equipment. Contrary to popular belief, chis are actually super smart little guys who love to learn. Small dog owners are less likely to take their pooches to classes. This is a shame as chis are trick-meisters who love to learn. 

Chis: Quick to pick up housemanners, great apartment pooches who don't mind you going to work for hours provided they can get a walk when you get home.

You can go. We're cool. See you when you get back. 
Cheese: Must be refrigerated when left, otherwise will leave enormous cheesy mess on furniture. Not at all happy to see you when you get back.

Okay, even we admit it looks sad to see you go. 
Our conclusion? It's chis for the win. And cheese for, well, the sandwich. 

If you're looking for a dog but haven't considered a chi, take a second look. We have plenty of amazing little guys who would have been snapped up in a heartbeat were it not for the breed prejudice against them. The majority of our chis are not yappy, not bitey, not shakey and are (shockingly) just....dogs. Like any other dogs. In a more compact package.

We all have that one friend. 
This weekend we're celebrating the magic that IS the chi and chi mix population at our shelters with reduced adoption fees on them. Through Sunday, all our little chi and chi mix nuggets have an adopt fee of just $20. Which is only slightly more than a fairly lame, non-responsive, melty block of....

If that was a cracker we'd have a solution to this dilemma. 

You guys pulls some bonehead stunts to get us adopted but this...this...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kittehs, Like Shoes, Go Better In Pairs.

Kittens will be kittens. They're super adorable...

Cup o' kitteh
Super playful....

Super loving...

Cuddle puddle!
But can also be....

Hooman! I scale you like tree! You WILL play!!
Demons. It's not their fault - they're just wee little things. With youth comes boundless energy and an insatiable need for attention but it can lead to a conundrum. What if you just NEED a kitten?

When I am bigger I will knock ALL of these off this shelf. #kittengoals
(Trust us, dear reader, you do need a kitten. And kittens need you so this works out wonderfully)

I am kitten. Take me home. 
You need a kitten but you're concerned because you work or what-have-you and don't want to feel guilty for leaving the little nugget to it's own devices...

Why you go?
Or you simply would like to sleep without having your toes pounced on at 3 AM? Buckle in, friends, we're going to tell you a secret. Ready?

Shhhh...iz secret.
Kittens go better in pairs. They really, really do.

I smoosh him so I don't smoosh you. Everyone's happier. 
Not only do they keep each other company while you're gone...

They can do this for hours...
They also provide each other an outlet for the type of play that kittens enjoy but humans often don't.

Let's play face-punch!
That punchy, bitey kind of playing. Which means after a long day at work you come home to sweet kitten adorable-ness...

We were good all day. We (kind of) promise.
and not crazy, bouncing off the wall kitties that keep you up all night and make you feel guilty. And they expend those sorts of vaguely-homicidal-but-totally-normal kitten hijinks on each other..

Let's play face-tackle!
leaving your ankles significantly safer...

Note happy, un-bothered dog. 
and giving the poor dog some peace. We're not saying they'll be little saints but they are more likely to sleep through the night..

Or at least wake each other up to play as opposed to waking you up. It doesn't mean they won't want to play with you...

We take turns...
It just means they'll get some of their ya-yas out with each other so you're not expected to be a 24/7 play machine. Plus they'll get to keep each other company for years to come...

Leading to years of social-media-ready adorableness.

If you turn the water on we will flay you in your sleep. 
So when you come in to adopt your kitten - because you ARE coming in to adopt a kitten, right? - just say...

Practicing fine twinsie form for later life. 
Make mine a double. 

We make snuggles. 
They'll be happier, you'll be happier - we promise. As Aunt Ethel used to say about her brownies..

Look - we even fit in a bed together. 
Take two, they're small. 

And for the next few weeks adopting a pair is even easier. On weekdays adoption fees are waived on ALL kittens and cats. Check out the available babies here

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

An Open Letter To The Person Who Left Us These Kittens

Hey There!

First of all, all of the babies were fine. Did you raise them? Did you find them? If you raised them, you did a good job. They were all healthy, well fed, and well socialized.

Good babies.
But it certainly did give our medical receptionist a start when she found them in a box on our front door when she came in to open our Medical Center that morning.

Maybe you were working a weird schedule. Maybe you were intimidated or scared and brought them in that early to avoid talking to someone. If that's the case, please don't be. We're not judgemental. We understand that things happen. And we understand you could have left these little babies by a side of a road or given them away in front of a store but you didn't. You went out of your way to get them to a safe place. We respect that and want to help you.

Tummy babies.
If you still have Mom or another cat that gets pregnant, please know we have programs to help you and keep this from happening again. Our PUP Program can fix mama for free and return her to you while we find good homes for the babies. From the condition of the kittens, someone takes good care of mama. Someone cares about her.

Playful babies.
If she is your cat and she's not pregnant, please give us a call anyway. We'd love to help you get her spayed. We have free spay/neuter for a bunch of zip codes. If you're not in those zip codes, we have super low cost spay and neuter. We want to help.

If they weren't yours and you found them, know that we have staff here all the time for lost and found pets. There's a bell next to our receiving door that you can ring and the night staff will come up to direct you. You don't have to leave them outside. Our staff is super kind.

Your kittens are doing just fine. They were a little spooked at first..

But now they're relaxing and getting cuddles. They've been checked by a vet and gotten fixed and they'll be looking for new homes soon.

Cuddled baby.
We realize some folks will read this and immediately judge you. We wish they wouldn't. You took care of those babies. You got them to safety. We don't know you or your circumstances. Judging you or making assumptions doesn't help. It doesn't encourage other folks in similar situations to reach out. If anything, it discourages folks who need help from getting it. No one wants to be judged or treated cruelly when they're trying to do the right thing. 

Most folks don't know that cats can get pregnant as young as four months. They don't know what to do if they find a litter of kittens. But you tried. And we applaud you for that. 

Your kittens will be fine. And if we can help you, please let us know. It's what we're here for. 

Safe babies.
If you had absolutely nothing to do with these guys but you want to help, thank you! We could use you! We desperately need more kitten foster homes. And, of course, we need forever homes for all the kittens that are flooding in. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for promotions. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Unrepentant Booger Cat Seeks Very Special Home.

Oh Phil. Phil Phil Phil. What are we going to do with you?

I have no idea what you're talking about. 
Don't give us that face. You're a booger and you know it.

Phil is one of those cats that one special person is going to find and be like "I found the coolest, most ridiculous, awesome, hysterical, fantastic cat EVER!" and all of their friends are going respond with "What are you thinking??"

We need to find that special person. We need to find them like, yesterday. Because while we adore his antics there is waaaay too much Phil-ness bottled up in Phil for him to be comfortable in the confines of a shelter, even one as spacious and awesome as ours.

Plus he's driving us all a little bonkers. He always wants to be all up in your business which makes the shelter even more frustrating for him as there's not always someone available whose business he can be all up in.

Before we get into a full list of all of Phil's transgressions, we'll start with Phil's biggest problem.

This is a toy.

We sell these in our Whole Pets store. Cat LOVE them. Hint.

And this is a person.

This is a stock photo of a person. We don't know her but she seems nice.
Phil tends to get these things confused. Why? Because Phil lives to party. He loves to play - all the time.....

Toys, other cats, even dogs - he's down to play. He's more like a puppy than a cat. But Phil plays like a linebacker. So accidents happen. It's a thing with him.

To wit, in the six months the little booger has been in shelters five accidents have happened. Several have been the result of Phil playing too hard and missing the toy and sinking his chompers into skin. One was the result of Phil not wanting his human playmate to leave and attaching himself to said playmate's leg. If you look at the following gif very carefully we swear he's either saying 'oops' or 'what?'.

So why should someone adopt him? We have to admit that despite all of his transgressions we adore him. We adore his shoulder-riding, endlessly-chirping-and-chatting...


 trick-learning way. He's basically a circus cat. We sometimes wonder how a cat that's sooooo smart manages to do such dumb things. He's been working hard on getting it together since he got here. In addition to learning some clicker tricks, he's also learning to go to a time-out space when it looks like he's getting confused on that whole toy/person thing. Don't get us wrong - he's got a ways to go but he's working on it.

Plus he's a cat. An eleven pound cat. He's not a nuclear bomb or a potential threat to public safety. With a savvy owner he'll be fine and provide some lucky owner with many years of hearty belly laughs, love and terrified house guests.

Still don't know what you're talking about. 
Phil is not for the faint of heart. He shouldn't be around kids at all unless you're not a huge fan of your kids. He really shouldn't go to someone who hasn't had a cat before. If you haven't had a cat but you have had a particularly affectionate pet badger or hyena in the past, give us a call. You might be up to the challenge. If you have an active, friendly cat who really needs a buddy, Phil might be your guy.

If you feel like you can handle all the Phil-tastic-ness that is Phil, we'd love to hear from you. If you have questions, give Hannah or Kara a holler at 408.262.2133 ext 167/175. Or you can set up an appointment to meet him online.

Check out his full adoption video and see him in action with other kitties, dogs and some (brave) people.